I contend we are both atheists… (2)

May 28, 2010

If you are convinced by the line “I contend we are both atheists, I just believe in one less God than you do”, here is some more irrefutable logic for you:


13 Responses to “I contend we are both atheists… (2)”

  1. morsec0de Says:

    “If you are convinced by the line”

    What does this even mean? Convinced to what?

    The line is just that…a line. It’s intent is to try and make the name ‘atheist’ seem less loathsome to certain believers, and help them understand some of the reasons why we may not be convinced by their religion.

  2. Chucky Says:

    Convinced that it is true – that Christians really are atheists, even though they believe in God.

  3. A chicken passeth by Says:

    By example, this can easily be proven. Take a Christian to a Hindu temple and he’d readily deny the existence of every God there, just as an Atheist would deny God.

    (I’ve indirectly seen this happen, since I was born into a Buddhist family, and we were once approached by Witnesses. They readily spoke against the altar, although they were rather polite about it.)

    So yes, A Christian, by nature of rule and instruction of The Book, is indeed technically an Atheist who makes an exception for one God.

    This argument is also used in reverse against Atheists, since there are claims that Atheism is also a form of religion, just without a God.

  4. Chucky Says:

    I am not an atheist with respect to other beliefs: I am a Christian. I wrote a more serious response here:


  5. Bubba Ray Says:

    I’ve found when talking to Christians that there are time when they simply can’t understand why I’m an atheist, when the truth seem so obvious to them.

    But here’s the thing from an atheist point of view there is really no difference between Christianity or Hinduism or Islam or Ásatrú etc. I realise that from your point of view that what you have is special, it’s the one, its the truth etc. But from my point of view it’s all the same.

    I recall reading somewhere that there have been about 4000 gods worshipped throughout human history. Assuming that figure is correct then there are 4000 gods I don’t believe in and 3999 you don’t believe in.

    “Different conceptions of God are not equal.” (your quote from the other page)
    Unfortunately yes they are. If you could understand that then you wouldn’t have such a problem with Robert’s quote.

  6. Chucky Says:

    The difference between believing in God and not believing in any gods or God is huge. There’s also a million theories of physics which are incorrect – and yet nobody suggests that because of that there’s no such thing as gravity.

    While I can respect that you hold the opinion that all belief is the same – I encourage you to actually find out if this is true. For example, I am reading Matteo Ricci’s “True Meaning of the Lord of Heaven” which considers Christianity from the point of Confucianism (mainly). It does not deny that there is some truth in Confucianism, but uses it to point to the truth of Christianity. There are similar writings from Christians throughout the last 2,000 years – especially the early church fathers, who were in an environment where pagan conceptions of God were considered normal. Don’t just say there is no reason to believe one over the other – if this is something that really concerns you – get out there and see if it’s actually true!

  7. Bubba Ray Says:

    Hi Chucky,

    You can reject the claims of 3999 religious belief systems I can reject the claims of 4000. It’s not that big a difference really. You mention in another thread that you don’t believe the Koran. Well I don’t believe the bible. And with the bible at least I can say I read it with an open mind not a pre-existing prejudice like you appear to have done with the Koran.

    Lastly thanks but the idea of a comparative analysis of each and every religion on earth just doesn’t appeal to me all that much.

  8. Chucky Says:

    Thanks for your comments. IMHO there are good, positive reasons to be Christian. It is just a very frequent question Christians get asked, so I’m answering as best I can.

  9. Bubba Ray Says:

    Hey Chucky,

    There are probably good positive reasons to be a Buddhist or a Muslim or Taoist too.

    That alone doesn’t really advance the claims any of those religions might make though.

  10. Chucky Says:

    Hi Bubba, yes there are. I guess I can only post one thing at a time. Did you read my later post about 1 Corinthians or my post about problems I have with Islam?

  11. Bubba Ray Says:

    Hi Chucky,

    Yep I’ve read both. Firstly with Islam you don’t seem to be going into it with a very open mind. It seems that you’ve decided that the bible is the truth and are judging the Koran against that. That’s not judging Islam on it’s merits, that’s judging Islam on a preconceived standard that Islam can’t possibly reach.

    As to Corinthians the time frame is as I see it an issue, you’re basically telling us that there is a scant 20 years between Christ and Paul’s writings. Yet Paul tells us that specifically that he didn’t learn the gospel from any human origin. Which if Christ had been around just preaching his ministry just 20 years before he started writing this would be just about impossible surely. The likely explanation for Paul claim of divine knowledge is that Christ was a very long distant figure at the time he started writing. It’s a good indication that Christianity is basically a compilation of earlier myths overlaid of the figure of the Christ.

  12. tnmusicman Says:

    Reblogged this on Tnmusicman's Blog and commented:
    So true. That quote is one of the most absurd quotes in history. Of course, I point this out to atheists who proceed to deride me and tell me I “don’t understand” the quote. I tell them I understand only LOGICAL quotes !!

  13. rabbison kapopo Says:

    ther is only one GOD , who revealed himself as yaweh, THE GREATER “I AM”

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