Scientists of “Ardent Faith”

June 19, 2009

Kenneth MillerThere an interesting article written on June 10, by biologist Kenneth Miller which is relevant to the relationship between science and religion. He hits back at Jerry Coyne who has been publicly both misrepresenting and critisizing him.

Kenneth Miller is a catholic and a well known critic of intelligent design. But apparently for the atheist Coyne that’s not enough. Coyne is vitriolic at anyone scientist considering philosophical or theological issues, apparently unless that is done in favour of atheism. As Miller elloquently puts it: “The tragedy of Coyne’s argument is the way in which it seeks to enlist science in a frankly philosophical crusade — a campaign to purge science of religionists in the name of doctrinal purity. ”

Throughout his vision of the relationship between science and religion was clear:

The true vow of a scientist is to practice honest and open empiricism in every aspect of his scientific work. That vow does not preclude the scientist from stepping back, acknowledging the limitations of scientific knowledge, and asking the deeper questions of why we are here, and whether existence has a purpose. Those questions are genuine and important, even if they are not scientific ones, and I believe they are worth answering.

Check it out here.


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